Internet Traffic Agent Options

This dialog box allows you to customize Internet Traffic Agent settings.


In this page you can customize initial program actions:
- Run on Windows startup.
- Minimize on program start.
- Hide from taskbar on minimize.

To enable initial program actions, check the box on.

By default, in the main window traffic shows in bytes, but if you want to show received/sent traffic in KBytes, MBytes or GBytes, you can select it in the drop-down list.


This page shows all active network adapters. You may disable monitoring of unimportant adapter. Also you may enable promiscuous mode. This mode allows you to capture the traffic of others hosts in your LAN.


In this page you can configure database saving mode. You may change saving period or a number of days to keep old records.


In this page you can customize the program's interface: grid line and highlight colors. To select the color, click on a color button and choose a color. If you want to change grid line style, you can select it in the drop-down box.