Internet Traffic Agent Interface Overview

The main window of Internet Traffic Agent after launching it.

main window

The main menu consists the following commands of the program:

Command Description Hot Keys
File.Generate Report Generate traffic statistics reports.
File.Exit Quit the application. Alt+F4
Edit.Copy Copy the selected record to clipboard.
Edit.Copy IP Copy the selected IP address to clipboard.
Edit.Copy Hostname Copy the selected hostname to clipboard.
Edit.Exclude Exclude an IP address from the filter (do not count).
Edit.Include Include an IP address to the filter (count)
Filter.Add Add a new filter item. Alt+A
Filter.Remove Remove selected filter item from list. Alt+R
Filter.Edit Edit selected filter item. Alt+E
Filter.Reset Reset statistics of a filter.
Filter.Reset All Filters Reset statistics of all filters in the list.
Filter.Clear.Captured IP Clear captured ip table of the selected filter.
Filter.Clear.History Clear history statistics of the selected filter.
Filter.Resume Resume selected filter.
Filter.Suspend Suspend selected filter.
View.Options Program options. Customize the program interface.
View.Split Window Show/hide statistics window
Help.Contects Display help contects. F1
Help.Register Show a window where you can enter registration code.
Help.Check for update now Check for a new version of software.
Help.About Display program information, version number and copyright.